The True Color of White and Gold Dress (Or Blue and Black)

The infamous White and Gold / Blue and Black Dress is all over the internet and news today. There are endless debates on whether it is gold or black.


Let's put our True Color to the test and see what are those controversial colors are made of.

First, we sampled the lace part. The app tell us that color is made of almost equal parts of red (21%), yellow (23%), blue (24%) and slightly more white (30%). So technically it is light brown. Of course, if you sample the lighter part of the lace, you will get even lighter brown which produces a gold tone. If you sample the darker part of the lace, you will get muddy brown, which sometimes will get into the black color space.


Second, let's sample the other color in question. From True Color app, we know this color is mostly made up by blue (32%) and white (44%).

Keep in mind, we use the unaltered pic to analyze the colors. There are many theories and explanations how you can adjust the white balance to achieve white/gold or blue/black colors. But if we are going to analyze on the original picture, the colors in question should be light brown(gold) and light blue.

True Color - the color mixing assistant is available on the iTunes App store