Introducing the world's first visual checklist

  • Snap pictures to check off tasks
  • Quick view the list with images
  • Visually organize your life

Because life is more than a few squares, and a picture is worth a thousand checkboxes.

Full And Free Versions

Beyond a Box

It happens to most of us when you use a checklist app, you sometimes accidentally check off the wrong item because the check box is just too small. And for those routine tasks, even you checked them off, you would doubt yourself whether you actually complete it or not because a box is just not enough to record our busy life.


Snap To Check

Smart Checklist provides a simple solution: snap a picture and the check box is checked for you automatically! With this unique interface, you will never check the wrong box again. It combines the image thumbnail and check box to give you a quick view of the completed tasks. It's the ultimate tool for the multi-taskers.


Pictures and More

Smart Checklist saves the pictures, the timestamps and the location data. All the information are in the palm of your hand. With Smart Checklist, you know exactly what tasks you completed at where and when. From now on, no more double checking if you have closed the garage door, unplugged the curling iron or if your beloved pets are safely at home.