Clearboard with Background Clearing

We just released Cleardboard version 1.2. Besides updating the app to iOS 7 design, we include the exciting feature of Background Clearing. With this feature, Clearboard is able to clear the content of your clipboard without even you launching the app.

So how do we make this possible? Thanks for iOS 7's Background App Refresh, we are able to let Clearboard running in the background with very little use of battery power. iOS 7 will monitor your use of the device and launch the app accordingly. Throughout our two months extensive testing, we found Clearboard could clear the clipboard as often as every five minutes. When your device is in the sleep mode (for example, at night) Clearboard will not be running at all, hence the minimum usage of battery.

Background Clear Testing Sample

I hope you like this new feature, we are very excited about releasing it after our lengthy testing. Let us know what do you think. 

To enable to Background Clearing, please refer to our FAQ.

For More information about Multitasking in iOS 7 please refer to Apple's document.