Thanks For The Feedback

Thanks Obis11 for the review and the kind words of Clearboard in the App Store.

"As far as basic concepts go, Clearboard is very basic, but the simplicity is useful in that it does what it needs to in a predictable and logical way. The animations are quite nice too, however I'm not exactly sure I really need to even wait 3 seconds to clear the clipboard. No fault to the app though, just a preference of mine. I'm extremely pleased with Clearboard, enough so that I'm considering buy the addons. I suggest that everyone install Clearboard and run it daily."

We will take your comments into consideration for the future enhancement.

Currently, there is a "Sudden Death" style included in the In-App Purchase pack. It will clear the clipboard without any countdown. But obviously in this style you will not see the animation that we love so much.