How To Setup Smart CheckList

We got some feedback about how to setup the checklist for the first time. We are going to write up a FAQ page to address that. But before that happens, here are some quick setup tips.


  1. In the screen titled "Lists", tap "+" to create a list.

  2. Tap on the new list to go to the next screen.

  3. Tap "+" to create items.



Then you are done! Happy Smart Checking!


Thanks Yamin and Hektor for their suggestions.

It's a Go!

The app is approved and avaialbe on the App Store now. It's called Smart Checklist. It's a different take on a very overdone category. We think we have a unique point of view to solve the common shortcomings of the checklist apps and we believe our app can help you to organize your life.

Check out our home page for more details. We are releasing both the full features version and the free limited features version. Try them out and tell us what you think.